Corporate Services

Ascend Partners is a firm of seasoned senior business and consulting professionals that

  • Supports companies with growth ambitions with an array of appropriate tools and capabilities

  • Executes corporate reorganizations and supports continuity of enterprises throughout Europe, often in urgent, high-impact situations.

  • Provides services of a more financial-technical nature such as value based management, valuations, liquidation of assets and support of family shareholders.

Our approach is multidisciplinary and hands-on, covering both the identification and analysis of the business issues as well as the implementation and execution of well-honed programs. We believe that a successful program can only be achieved with clear and frequent communication with the stakeholders while acting together with the management of the company.

Ascend is capable of achieving results internationally in both complex corporate structures and in SME’s. Our added value is highest in
industrial companies with core processes which include:
  • Sales & marketing

  • Supply chain

  • Manufacturing

  • Product development

Or which require financial – technical insights in markets, in value origination and familiarity with complex transactions.