Restructure Advisory

Drastic change has become an integral part of corporate life and is only accelerated by the current economic environment.

Our senior professionals have been through such waves of changes time and again. They have the state of mind, experience and the leadership necessary to act quickly and accurately when a turnaround needs to be achieved to ensure the survival of a company. They surely do know where to start looking for solutions to stop the bleeding when it really matters.

Over time we are building a solid reputation for achieving consensus, managing expectations, driving the process and delivering results.

We use flexible business modeling which allow to build business plans that allow for contingency testing, “what if”. These allow us to bring strong cases to stakeholders such as investors and bankers.

We deviate the continuous flow of information requests away from management to allow them to concentrate on the daily operations. They then need only to be involved when it is really necessary.

In our role of financial advisors we take care of the cash management and liquidity generation, negotiate with lenders and investors and restructure existing debt arrangements, assuming the role of Chief Restructuring Officer.

In our role of operational advisors, we stabilize the company operationally, adapt inventory to current requirements and stop the bleeding. We restructure operations (production, sales & marketing, human resources, etc) to adapt them to the critical circumstances of the moment without however loosing the longer term interest and vision of the company from our sight.