Reorganization Under Continuity Legislation

Bankruptcy law in several European countries is evolving from legislation were focusing on protection of the rights of the creditors to new legal models that allow companies a “fresh start”, such as e.g. in Belgium in 2009. These legislations have a clear aim to provide the tools for the survival of companies, thus serving the interests of most stakeholders. We support clients to navigate the reorganization process successfully and emerge as financially stable companies positioned for future growth.

We assist the company to evaluate available options as part of the pre-filing strategy and provide guidance and support post-filing up to emergence.

With most of our professionals having a background in both industry and consulting, we are very conscious that management should be fully focused on the daily management of the business to avoid an accelerated deterioration of an already unstable situation. We support them by taking up an overall coordinating role in the process and with all the stakeholders.

Our services offering covers all necessary aspects of a reorganization, including:

  • Cash management and liquidity generation
  • Actions to stop losses and stabilize operations
  • Development of a realistic restructuring plan, likely to fetch court approval
  • Negotiations with investors and lenders on future financing
  • Execution of M&A transactions
  • Negotiating with key stakeholders such as suppliers, personnel and lenders
  • Coordination of execution of court orders
  • Execution planning and monitoring