“Qui n’avance pas, recule”

This anonymous French saying is so very true. A company can get into heavy weather as a result of economic circumstances. However as soon as these external factors subside, the only way is up. Or it becomes a “chronicle of an announced death”, maybe over a very long time

Ascend Partners are builders, we just love to sit down with our clients and help them think about how their company can grow, by choosing strategic development paths, taking into account evolving economic realities,

It could be by improving their production planning, organizing production to meet customer requirements in the most efficient way for both parties, optimize the supply chain, find better ways to approach the market.

We are only happy when you feel this sense of urgency living among the clients people, with motivation running high as they are part of an exciting adventure called “GROWTH”.

We do better than just sitting down with them, we fight with them and next to them to make the chosen projects work. This could also include calling on our network to find the financing that might be required to achieve the future.