Strategic Planning and Deployment

In this process several elements need to be brought into relationship to one another to finally distill a strategic direction for a company. These elements are;
  • External social and economic realities
    • Globally
    • Regionally
  • Market development and trends
  • Company parameters
    • Values and culture which are the basis of success of the company (as mentioned in the Business Framework section above)
    • Shareholder requirements
    • Financial resources
    • Human resources
    • Other stake holders
  • Financial performance per “product market combination” of the company
  • External factors that influence the company
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
  • Internal factors that influence the company
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
Once all these elements are mapped they form the basis and the departure point for the second step in the process, which is to develop a strategy. The prerequisites of the participants in this second step are;
  • Open mindedness
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mutual respect for one another and ones views

The participants in this process should be the CEO and the top management of company as well as Ascend Partners. This Group should not be too large because otherwise real discussion and brainstorming is not possible. In our experience this group should not be larger than 6 people. One prerequisite is that the group of people is intimately aware of the above and has detailed knowledge about all the facets of the business. The development of a strategy is most likely an iterative process to ensure that it is an achievable plan with sufficient ambition.