Ascend Partners aims to make VALUE understandable for its clients, explain the logic behind the formulas and approaches, point out the drivers of value. Indeed value remains wrapped in a veil of mystic for many in view of its technicality

This enables our clientele to make better decisions when weighing strategic options in an acquisition situation, in the course of a reorganization, in an organic growth program or any other circumstances.

Ascend Partners has carried out many valuation assignments for all kinds of purposes and all kind of clients.

Also as a liquidator, we are well placed to optimize the realization value of assets: we know what value is and we have our antennas in the market to identify interested parties.

We know how families think, react, decide and what the hurdles and shortcomings are, where things go wrong over the changing generations. As such we have valuable advice to offer in a very discreet manner covering many aspects of this peculiar environment.

In view of our very broad business base, Ascend Partners also accepts international board member mandates